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BlackBerry Spark SDK Beta for Android

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BlackBerry Spark® SDK is an in-app protection solution that provides a powerful set of tools to protect applications, users, and data from malicious attacks while assuring compliance and user privacy.

BlackBerry Spark SDK does not require any server software for user, device, and applications management to enable security capabilities. Therefore, this solution can be used for any application your organization deploys, including consumers applications installed in uncontrolled and unmanaged environment.

Organizations can easily and quickly secure their apps with a wide range of developer tools and methodologies, including hardening, anti-tampering, mobile threat defense, and threat status reporting leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Device integrity
    • Device security posture checks
    • Jailbreak, Root, Debugging mode detection
  • Mobile Threat Detection
    • Detection of malicious or sideloaded apps on device
    • Detection of phishing links
  • Data Leakage Protection
    • Secure file system


Try the Beta and help us build the best solution for your product and users

BlackBerry Spark SDK Beta is now available for integration into your test applications.  By trying the Beta you will become the early adopter and influencer of the product.

We encourage you to join our beta community to ask questions and provide feedback directly to our Engineering and Product Management teams.

Note the BlackBerry Spark SDK Beta can only be used for internal testing applications, according to Beta Terms and Conditions.


Development Guide & API References

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