BlackBerry Web Services for BlackBerry UEM

Use REST APIs to manage BlackBerry UEM

Get Started with BlackBerry Web Services for BlackBerry UEM

Develop an app that uses REST APIs to execute and automate administrative tasks in BlackBerry UEM.


The BlackBerry Web Services are a collection of REST APIs that you can use to create apps to manage your organization's BlackBerry UEM domain. You can use the BlackBerry Web Services to automate many of the tasks that administrators typically perform using the management console. For example, you can create an app that automates the process of adding user accounts to the domain.

The BlackBerry Web Services REST APIs are included with each release of BlackBerry UEM, and are regularly updated to support new features and functionality.

Note: Previously, the BlackBerry Web Services were provided as SOAP APIs. The BlackBerry Web Services SOAP APIs are still supported and released with every version of BlackBerry UEM, but are officially in maintenance mode. See the BlackBerry Web Services 12.9 SOAP API reference and the legacy Developer Guides for complete information about the supported legacy SOAP APIs. For information about the BlackBerry Dynamics SOAP APIs that are compatible with the BlackBerry Web Services SOAP APIs, see BlackBerry UEM compatibility with the BlackBerry Dynamics SOAP APIs. Going forward, BlackBerry recommends transitioning to the BlackBerry Web Services REST APIs.

Prepare to use the REST APIs

For complete information about how to get started using the BlackBerry Web Services REST APIs, including the required tenant and administrator credentials, authentication details, error information, and usage examples, see the corresponding API Reference for your version of BlackBerry UEM:



See the BlackBerry Web Services documentation to access the API Reference for your version of BlackBerry UEM, to download PowerShell examples that demonstrate basic use cases, and to review the Release Notes, which highlight new features and the fixed and known issues in each release.

The BlackBerry Web Services API reference gives you all of the information that you need to use the REST APIs. Use the API reference that corresponds to your organization’s version of BlackBerry UEM.