BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

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Get Started with BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

Make deployment of your solution faster and more secure for BlackBerry customers by integrating with BlackBerry Enterprise Identity.


BlackBerry Enterprise Identity is an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) product that BlackBerry customers can use to federate identities for SaaS services that they may use. If you offer customers a SaaS service, Enterprise Identity can allow them to tie user identities in your service to those in their existing directories, authenticate those identities using advanced policies, and control user entitlement to your service.

Enterprise Identity supports the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) v2.0 standard. If your SaaS service provides SAML support, it’s easy to link it into Enterprise Identity and take advantage of its features in minutes. Learn how in the next steps of this Get Started. By validating your SaaS service works with BlackBerry Enterprise Identity and BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM), you provide BlackBerry users with convenient login and BlackBerry admins with greater control and easier management of your service.

Access BlackBerry UEM

BlackBerry Enterprise Identity is bundled with, and managed from, the on premise version of BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM). If you have an existing BlackBerry UEM (formerly BES) deployment in a test environment, reach out to your BlackBerry UEM administrator for assistance or to provide you access as an administrator.

If your company doesn't already have BlackBerry UEM installed, you can download the most recent version of BlackBerry UEM and generate developer licenses. You can access UEM technical documentation to guide you through installation.

Activate and Integrate

Once Blackberry UEM is installed, BlackBerry Enterprise Identity can be activated by following the directions in the BlackBerry Enterprise Identity Admin Guide.

After activation, your SaaS service can be easily added to BlackBerry Enterprise Identity by following the directions in the BlackBerry Enterprise Identity Integration Guide.


Once your service is integrated with Enterprise Identity, BlackBerry UEM can be used to allow Enterprise Identity to tie user identities to those in existing directories, govern user authentication with advanced policies, and control user entitlement to your service. Once you have validated your SaaS service works with Enterprise ID, you can promote it as a supported feature.

The downloads and documentation referenced in this Get Started are available in the “Resources” section of BlackBerry Developers.