BlackBerry 2FA

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Get Started with BlackBerry 2FA

Protect access to your solution with two-factor authentication by integrating with BlackBerry 2FA.


BlackBerry 2FA is a two-factor authentication technology that can be integrated into a wide variety of platforms and applications. Unlike legacy two-factor solutions, BlackBerry 2FA leverages user mobile devices, avoids PINs and codes, and is both inexpensive and simple to deploy.

BlackBerry 2FA can be used on nearly any mobile device – iOS, Android, or BlackBerry, whether it’s managed by BlackBerry products or not.
Integration with BlackBerry 2FA is possible in any one of three ways:

  • REST API. A dedicated REST API allows direct integration into your application.
  • RADIUS integration. BlackBerry 2FA supports a standard RADIUS interface.
  • SAML integration. By leveraging Enterprise Identity’s SAML interface and BlackBerry 2FA’s link to Enterprise Identity, SAML applications can also be integrated.

Install & Configure

BlackBerry 2FA is bundled with BlackBerry UEM, but requires a separate license for use.

If you plan to use the product’s RADIUS interface, you will also need to install the BlackBerry 2FA server, which acts as a RADIUS gateway, as described in the BlackBerry 2FA Server Installation and Upgrade Guide.


Once your solution is integrated with BlackBerry 2FA, it can be protected by two-factor authentication that addresses effectively every user, whether employing UEM-managed devices, unmanaged devices, or separate standards-based hardware tokens.