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BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) Resources

BlackBerry provides two approaches to developing for BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM).

UEM Integration SDK is a server-side integration SDK that allows you to build a Plug-in that runs within UEM server. Plug-in framework allows a native and tighter integration with UEM server and extend its functionality.

UEM Web Services are server-side integration APIs that allows you to build UEM remote administration use cases such as an external custom portal, batch processing and automation type integration

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BlackBerry Web Services (BWS) are legacy BES SOAP APIs supported in UEM to allow ongoing support for remote administration use cases until customers migrate to REST Web Services.

BlackBerry GC Web Services (former Good Control server) are legacy GC SOAP APIs supported in UEM to allow backward compatibility for customers migrating from Good Dynamics deployment to UEM deployments and allow remote administration use cases.

UEM REST Web Services are new light-weight RESTful APIs that allow remote administration use cases using simple JSON format and easier authentication/authorization model. These APIs will eventually replace BlackBerry SOAP Web Services.

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BlackBerry UEM Integration SDK helps developers take their BlackBerry UEM integration one step further. With direct access to BlackBerry UEM Core and User Interface APIs, developers have unprecedented control and options for building tightly integrated solutions with BlackBerry UEM. Developers can focus on adding value and creating unique solutions by leveraging enterprise-grade capabilities such as user and group management, directory integration, event framework and much more.

The BlackBerry UEM Integration SDK empowers developers to build distributable plug-ins, interacting between the BlackBerry UEM Core and UI components and custom solutions. The range of tightly integrated solutions is endless.


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Required Server

An on-prem BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) server is required to test and deploy apps developed with BlackBerry UEM Web Services.