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BlackBerry Dynamics Release Notes - Updated: July 25, 2019

What's new in this release (

  • The BlackBerry Dynamics Trusted Authentication Framework is now able to activate programmatically. For more information about programmatic activation, see the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK Development Guide. The Class123Skelton sample app has been updated to demonstrate how to enable programmatic activation.
  • The DAF SDK provides extensions to the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK that allow you to easily integrate third-party authentication technologies and other cryptography-based functions into the BlackBerry Dynamics environment.
  • This version of the DAF SDK works with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS version To support the upcoming release of iOS 13, you must upgrade to BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS version 6.1.x when it is released.
  • You can now migrate BlackBerry Dynamics apps that use the Trusted Authentication Framework (TAF) from Good Control to UEM.

Enhancements from previous releases

  • In the iOS DAF SDK version 4.0.x, the DAF sample apps did not activate successfully and got stuck at the “Enterprise Activation Done” stage. This issue is fixed in SDK version (GD-34849)
  • Fix for the incorrect SHA224 hash prefix (GD-33478)
  • OpenSSL headers are now included in the SDK. See Extras/README-openssl.md in the SDK for more details.
  • Support for ARMv8 and x86 architectures
  • Support for iOS 9
  • User interface changes to support Easy Activation using DAF-based applications. This will require changes to application code. See Appendix 4 of the DAF SDK API Reference for more information.
  • New Class123Skeleton example for iOS. Demonstrates how to provide cryptographic services (symmetric and public-key) using the DAF provider interface.
  • Fix issue GD-8669. The getMechanisms() method is now attached to the DAKey class, not DADevice. This allows each key to report which crypto mechanisms it supports. Example code has been updated to reflect this.
  • Fix issue GD-8683. Keys which have the DA_USER_AUTHENTICATE attribute flag set are now asked to generate signatures (via the sign() method), and not encryption and decryption.
  • Trial fix for issue GD-8568 (corrupt auth state following password-change failure)
  • New application logic to cope with idle lock during passphrase change. See Appendix 3 - Dealing with Idle Lock (iOS) for details.
  • Fixed build warnings on 64-bit platforms
  • Now suitable for use with GD SDK 1.9.4338 and later
  • Prevent corruption of DAF startup data if passphrase change fails (GD-8568)
  • New logic to cope with idle lock during passphrase change (see Appendix 3)
  • Fix build warnings in example code on 64-bit platforms
  • Xcode project files have been cleaned up
  • New design for password entry UI
  • DAF documentation now available as Xcode .docset
  • Fixed a problem with the example projects on iOS; apps would crash on startup. Fixed by linking using the GD 'FIPS linker' provided with the 1.8 release.
  • Added 'Getting started' notes in API documentation.
  • DAFsupport and MockGDiOS framework libraries are now built for armv7s and arm64 as well as armv7 and i386.
  • Now compatible with r1.8.4327 of the GD SDK and iOS 7. Other functionality is unchanged.
  • Fix Skeleton example native bundle identifier to be com.good.example.daf.skeleton (not .Skeleton) for consistency.
  • Now suitable for use with GD SDK 1.7. (Due to changes in the way GD.framework is built, anything using DAF's MockGD.framework must not also use GD.framework, or link errors about duplicate symbols will result. Also, branding has changed)
  • Renamed DAFPINEntryPopover to DAFPINEntryViewController, and fixed it to work on iPhone/iPod.
    Add DAFPINEntryPopover to DAFAppBase, provides a PIN entry method.
  • Temporary Unlock Sequence can now be invoked via DAFAppBase's requestRecovery:
  • A missing file (GDTrust.h) is now shipped
  • Key data is no longer output to the debug log
  • This code MUST be used in conjunction with release 1.6 or later of the Good Dynamics SDK. It will not work with earlier versions. S/MIME is not supported in this release on iOS or Android.
  • iOS DAF applications do not currently respond to policy messages received from the GC server. Support for custom authenticator policies is planned for a later release of Good Dynamics software.
  • 'Temporary Unlock Sequence' functionality is not implemented in iOS.