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Welcome to the New BlackBerry Developers Site

Welcome to BlackBerry's new site for Enterprise Developers!  BlackBerry is committed to developers and aims to provide an easy to use and compelling developer experience.

We have taken the best features of our previous developer sites and made them easier to find, quicker to access, and made access less restrictive.  Whether you are looking to download sample code, learn how to get started with BlackBerry tools, or simply have a question to ask, the new BlackBerry Developers for Enterprise Apps site is made for you.

If you have an account on our previous site, you can simply log in at the top of this page to access all the same content and profile information same as before.

Please provide us with feedback on the site in our Developer Forums.

Thank you for choosing BlackBerry!

Getting Started

Choose a product to view step-by-step instructions and quickly build your first secure app for BlackBerry Unified Enterprise Manager (UEM) integration using the BlackBerry Development Platform.

The Secure Platform for Enterprise Solutions

Create compelling enterprise solutions quickly and let the platform take care of all the security, backend, and infrastructure services your solution needs.

The BlackBerry Development Platform, is an enterprise grade toolset which enables you to build secure, powerful and customized mobility solutions for almost every use case. The platform augments the world class mobility capabilities of BlackBerry Dynamics for building secure apps, by adding tools for BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM), BlackBerry Workspaces, BlackBerry Enterprise Identity, BlackBerry 2FA, BlackBerry Spark Communications Services and BlackBerry Analytics.

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