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Debugger is not attaching to the BB dynamics IOS App

Posted Aug 01 2019, 8:08 AM
  • Hey Rahul,

    Can you please make sure that jailbreak detection is disabled on UEM?



  • is it possible to disable jail break detection only for debug builds in UEM ? Because we need it for the release builds.. ?
  • Jail break detection is configured on BlackBerry UEM on a per user basis.  It isn't possible to configure this at build time in your app (or else any malicious app could bypass it).

    You could create developer user accounts on BlackBerry UEM that are only used to test your debug builds.  This would allow production users to continue to use jailbreak detection.

  • Im not sure about the configuration , but everything was working fine when i was in BB SDK 4.2 , i have updated to 5.0 and from then debugger has stopped attaching without any proper error in the xcode console. Should i set any flag to get detailed BB logs in console.
  • This jail break detection didn't exist in version 4.2 of the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.  I recommend checking with your UEM admin to see if this is enabled for your account.  It is likely the cause.  If it is the cause, additional debug logging won't provide any more information.