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Intranet web page not accessible on app

Posted Aug 07 2018, 2:04 PM
  • I am also facing the same kind of issue, can someone please help us on the issue. Able to call REST services but not able to load enterpraise servers URLs on the cordova webview.
  • Make sure all of the destination servers you are trying to connect to have been whitelisted for the app in the BlackBerry Dynamics Connectivity Profile on BlackBerry UEM.  It sounds like some have been whitelisted, but others have not.
  • We are having issues with this as well, setting up the connectivity profile does not appear to impact the issue.  The issue is also only occurring on Android.  Works fine on iOS.
  • Are you using XMLHttpRequest for network connectivity?  If not, what method is being used?
  • Everything is abstracted above directly using XMLHttpRequest lib, but yes.
  • Could you double check that you're using the most recent versions of the SDKs and Plugins

    - Dynamics Android v5.0.0.47
    - Dynamics Cordova v4.2.0.172

    If/When that matches, I would reference the Getting Started Guide(s) once more, and create a hello world app. When that app works then add in a simple network call and see if it resolves the issue.

    By testing in the Hello World app we eliminate any frameworks or other factors that could cause issues. If it still doesn't work in the Hello World app and your Connectivity Profile is setup (as Mark mentioned earlier) then you may need to look into troubleshooting further up the line. I would tend to believe the app should work if the backend is configured at this point.