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Unable to renew debug token

Posted Sep 13 2018, 7:15 AM
  • Are you still seeing any issues?  I tested this today and was able to create a BlackBerry Debug token.  If it is still failing, please post the error you are getting.
  • It is working now. Thanks for your help!
  • Since yesterday I am not able to create a debug token, no errors. It's trying to create and upload ... just loading... anyone else?
  • The issue with debug token creation has been resolved.  Please try again and let me know if you continue to have any issues.
  • I just tried again today.. I got this error once and trying again now and it just stucks on loading... 
  • It is back online now.  Apologies for the down time.  We are working on a permanent solution to these stability issues.
  • Hi Mark! I can confirm it's back now! I'm also happy the team is working on a permanent solution. Hopefully BlackBerry will make the expiration much longer as well. Thanks a lot!

  • Hello - as of Nov 13 I can no longer create debug tokens.  "Error: Server returned HTTP response code: 502 for URL:"


  • I just tried this myself and it seems a bit sporadic.  Some requests worked, others failed.  The issue is being looked at and should be fully back online soon.
  • Update Nov 24th 2018:  Sevice has been generally unavailble for days now.   Momentics reports either 502 from or "Service Temporarily Unavailable". 
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