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university app

Posted Oct 02 2011, 12:39 AM
  • Hello Heidi.


    If you are interested in creating this application for yourselves, a good place to begin your research is at the BlackBerry Developer Zone located at


    If you are interested in creating a BlackBerry application using web-development technologies, such as HTML and CSS, I'd recommend looking at WebWorks:


    In the other hand, if you are interested in building a native application (in Java), you can start here:


    If you are interested in having someone else develop and deliver the application to you, instead of developing it internally, you can do a search online for BlackBerry developers; there are many great developers out there.


    At Antair, we also build custom applications for clients. If you'd like to talk about your project idea, feel free to send us an email.

  • thank you for all your post they have been of lot of help i will dicuss this with my group today and we will decide which is our best choice.