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Help with a standalone push request

Posted Apr 27 2010, 4:11 PM
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    "I tried to use the example in the Webcast from April 13 but Pages 27 and 28 of the slides I downloaded seem to be duplicates and the code is incomplete." I saw this error too, can RIM update the PDF file with complete sample code?

    I also got same HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request with standalone push requests.


    Please help!



  • Could you send the example in the Webcast to me please?


    I am looking for the standalone server-side push example, but I didn't attend the Webcast at April 13,2010.


    Many thanks


    Frank Wu

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    This initial problem was because you were missing the ":" between the username and password. In your HTTP BasicAuthorization you need to first formulate your string pushserviceidSmiley Tongueassword then base64 encode it and add it to your HTTP request.