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Unable to perform action - installing internal Android app

Posted 10 days ago
  • I think you are seeing the correct behaviour.  Assuming you are referring to style configuration, per the spec this requires the device to be managed.  For Android, this also requires the APK to be hosted on Google Play.  You can create a Google Play listing that is private to your organization, but the APK must reside on Google Play and not UEM for to work (UEM gets the configuration template from Google Play).

    The BlackBerry UEM app store is intended to be used on non managed devices (no Android Enterprise).

    If you are creating a BlackBerry Dynamics app, you can use BlackBerry Dynamics specific app configuration, which does not require device management.  I recommend reading these two blog articles for more information.


    Should You Use BlackBerry Dynamics App Configuration or AppConfig?


    Deploying Applications into Android for Work Using BES12 (older article, but still applies to UEM)

  • Thanks Mark,

    I now have a better understanding of what is going on now, in terms of BB app configurations and Android for Work app config.

    I've implemented the GDStateListener on our startup activity, in which onAuthorize is triggered and our policy is consumed correctly.

    The only remaining issue is that any subsequent activity launched from the startup activity is immediatlely closed with Activity.RESULT_CANCELED. The opening of subsequent activities works outside of the BB UEM environment, so perhaps there is something else I've missed?



  • Have you integrated each activity with BlackBerry Dynamics?  This is required, otherwise the activity will be terminated by the BlackBerry Dynamics runtime.
  • Thanks Mark,

    I managed to get it all working.

    Thank you for your support.