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React Native mobile app integration with Blackberry UEM

Posted 24 days ago
  • Can you confirm if you are deploying your application on a managed device (Android Enterprise / Android for Work) or on an unmanaged device and will use BlackBerry Dynamics applications?
  • It's an unmanaged device.

    Do i need to use BlackBerry Dynamics applications to integrate with UEM?

  • Nothing would be required for a managed device, but for unmanaged devices, you'll need to integrate with our BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.  You can read more about it here:

    However, note that we don't currently have a BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for React Native applictions.  But that is coming soon.  We are planning a beta release of it for late January to early February.  Sign up to be a member of our Beta program and keep an eye on the beta site for more information.  

    BlackBerry Beta Site: 

  • How does integration works for managed device?

    My mobile app developed on React Native must have integration with both Andriod & ios.

    What is required to be done to make blackberry UEM(MDM) as managed device?

  • No specific code changes would be required to deploy an application using BlackBerry UEM to a managed device.
  • How do we ensure my mobile is a managed device?

    I am using Blackberry UEM as MDM

  • Have a look at the activation profile assigned to your user.  You can view it in BlackBerry UEM by going to "Policies and profiles" in the left side menu and choosing Activation.  Then select the profile assigned to your user.

    If the profile is set to "User Privacy" or "Device registration for BlackBerry 2FA only" your device is not managed.  You can read more about the activation types here:

  • Profile is set to "MDM Controls", based on your comment, device is considered as managed in this case.

    What are all the steps required to integrate my mobile app with Blackberry UEM (Managed Device)?



  • Note that MDM Controls has been deprecated in Android 9 and removed in Android 10.  It shouldn't be used anymore.

    No modifications to your app are required to install your app on a managed device.  The same APK can be installed from Google Play that is installed on devices not using BlackBerry UEM.